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Environmental protection is a major concern for Meusburger.

We always strive to protect the environment. Learn more about our projects for yourself!

Охрана окружающей среды на Meusburger

Охрана окружающей среды является важной частью миссии Meusburger. Мы соблюдаем соответствующие законы и положения, как нечто само собой разумеющееся и постоянно проверяем производственное предприятие и методы производства. Выбросы от нашей продукции являются крайне низкими, что позволяет нам вносить весомый вклад в защиту окружающей среды в нашем регионе.

A few examples of our commitment to sustainability

Electricity generation

Since 2021, we have been obtaining electricity that is generated 100% from renewable energy sources.

Heat pumps and photovoltaics

Our Hohenems and Lingenau sites are heated and cooled completely without fossil fuel energy sources via heat pumps using 100% green electricity. With our new office building in Hohenems, which was inaugurated in 2022, we also got our first photovoltaic facility: 96 modules with an output of 35.5 kWp generate around 35,000 kWh annually. Later on, in May 2023, the facility in Lingenau with 1,144 modules and an output of 463 kWp was put into operation. Only six months later, it has already yielded approximately 300,000 kWh. Finally, we completed the photovoltaic system in Wolfurt step by step until November 2023. Here, power is generated using 2,776 modules, and the expected output amounts to around 1.2 million kWh per year, which will cover approximately 7% of our electricity requirements.

Electricity savings

We save energy through various measures, such as universal LED lighting and detection of compressed air leaks as well as automatic shutdown of machines and systems. In addition, we strive to implement further optimisations on an ongoing basis.

Heat recovery

We do not waste any energy, but use the waste heat produced by our machinery and equipment for heating our plant. For example, our building at headquarters in Wolfurt is heated 90% with waste heat and only 10% with natural gas.

Cooling energy optimisation system

We invest in highly efficient cooling systems on the rooftop of our production halls.

Separation of recyclables and waste

At Meusburger, all waste is meticulously separated into recyclables and residual waste, which enables environmentally sound recycling.

Filtering pollutants

To a large extent, our production process is pollutant-free. Any pollutants that do arise when processing steel are absorbed by means of suitable filtration devices.

Company bikes

Employees have the opportunity to obtain a subsidised bike for private and business use through Meusburger. Company bikes are also available at the Wolfurt and Hohenems train stations so those travelling to work by train can use them to cover the distance between the train station and the workplace.

Charging station for electric bikes

Employees who ride their electric bikes to work make a great contribution to the environment and can charge their bikes for free at one of our two charging stations. Charging stations are also available on the premises for our electrically powered company vehicles.

Biking contest

Every year, Meusburger takes part in the biking contest organised by the state of Vorarlberg. It encourages our staff to improve their health and at the same time protect the environment by using their bikes as much as possible. Further information

Staff transportation

41 minibuses are provided for our staff for travelling to work every day. Meusburger takes part in the klimaaktiv mobil project, thereby making an active contribution to environment and climate protection. Since 2022, the company minibuses are gradually being replaced by electric buses.

A habitat for bees

The bee is one of the most important organisms in our ecosystem. That’s why we helped young beekeeper Florian Faißt acquire his eight beehives, each with around 50,000 bees, and house them at our production site in Lingenau. The bees have plenty of blossoms in the flower meadow around the building and this allows us to make an active contribution to the preservation of biodiversity.

Staff transportation

Relaxed to work


Corrosion protection

No corrosion protection is used on our stored raw material so we avoid polluting air, water and soil in the immediate vicinity of our company grounds.

Oil mist

All our machinery and equipment is equipped with suction and filtration devices in order to keep the air clean.

Cutting fluids

With our comprehensive approach to optimising our centralised systems we have been able to greatly reduce our cutting fluid consumption over the last eight years. Our measurements show we have reduced our yearly cutting fluids waste by 82% and at the same time decreased the amount of stabilizers we used by 97%.


The packaging of our products consists of 96% wood and cardboard and only 4% plastic. We are striving to increase the proportion of recycled plastic in the plastic packaging that is currently still unavoidable.


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Get familiar with our new ‘My account’ section and benefit from numerous advantages.

Now the new ‘My account’ also gives you a direct insight into the next level of the Meusburger portal. Check out all the information and benefits of the portal here.

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